Research and development is at the core of our growth strategy and our identity as a biotech company. We are committed to developing new products for state-of-the-art nucleic acid extraction using our patented technologies. Our focus is on automated nucleic acid purification methods for molecular diagnostic applications. Our self-developed InviGenius® automation platform including the matching extraction kits show a great example of this focus.

We own the IP of stabilization technologies for sample collection and storage of the samples at ambient temperature, as well as IPs for stabilization technologies of enzymatically active reagent mixes. Examples are here our PSP® Stool Stabilizing system, our SalivaGene System and our RTP® Pathogen Systems.

We are also experienced in the development of disposable parts for nucleic acid extraction like purification columns of different shapes for laboratory and point of care use. Examples are our filter columns and our filter plates. We have a working supply chain from prototyping by 3D printing up to serial contract manufacturing by injection molding in a strong cooperation with two companies.

We are working with real-time and quantitative PCR technologies for nucleic acid quantification of different qualities and sources.

Our laboratories have the most modern equipment for the development and realization of new products. It follows standardized validation protocols to verify the performance of our products.

Our development process is certified by ISO 13485, products developed in our house are according to 98/79/EG directive, and the products are fully compatible to processes in diagnostic laboratories.

Your Project is Our Business.