Invitek Molecular is committed to developing products for state-of-the-art nucleic acid extraction used in oncology applications. Our solutions for liquid biopsy enable a reliable and reproducible application of cell-free circulating DNA used in NGS detection systems. Furthermore, it is increasingly necessary to introduce standardized processes for the classic tumor biopsy and FFPE samples. With our automated solutions, you can automate your workflows with just short hands-on time.



  1. Fully automated extraction of cfDNA and genomic DNA
  2. Up to 4 ml of plasma
  3. Efficient and selective recovery of short and fragmented DNA
  4. Easy handling with only 10 min hands-on-time
  5. For FFPE samples no manual pretreatment like deparaffination or formalin removal required
  6. Automated methods save 60 % of hands-on time

Kits for Oncology applications

  Kit Nucleic acid Starting material Package sizes Catalogue number
Membrane adsorption          
  Invisorb® Spin Tissue Mini Kit Genomic DNA - 0.5 - 40 mg tissue
- 10 –106 eukaryotic cells
250 preps 1032100300
  Invisorb® Spin Blood Mini Kit Genomic DNA up to 200 µl whole blood (EDTA, Citrate) 250 preps 1031100300
Automated using magnetic beads          
  InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG
(for use on the InviGenius® PLUS, Invitek Molecular GmbH)
Cell-free DNA 4 ml of cell-free body fluids 8 x 12 preps 2439320400
  InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/ IG
(for use on the InviGenius® PLUS, Invitek Molecular GmbH)
Genomic DNA FFPE tissue
(depending on thickness and weight)
8 x 12 preps 2432120100

Complete automated bisulfite conversion for methylation analysis

The InviMag® Bisulfite Conversion Kit/ IG features a fully automated and reliable bisulfite treatment and conversion of cfDNA and genomic DNA for methylation analysis. The process is fully automated on the InviGenius® PLUS and can be combined with previous extraction workflows on the instrument.

Bisulfite conversion

  Kit Starting material Average yield Package sizes Catalogue number
Automated using magnetic beads          
  InviMag® Bisulfite Conversion Kit/ IG
(for use on the InviGenius® PLUS, Invitek Molecular GmbH)
500 pg to 5 μg of input DNA
(20 - 50 μl eluted DNA)
DNA Recovery >50%
Conversion Efficiency >99%
8 x 12 preps 3030200100

Quantification of DNA prior to cost intensive downstream applications

The InviQuant GeneCount 40 is a qPCR-based system to determine the quantity of human genomic DNA e.g. prior to use in NGS or other downstream applications. The use of the included high-quality DNA standard allows quantification of amplifiable targets in cfDNA samples.

Quantification of DNA

  Kit Starting material Limit of detection Package sizes Catalogue number
  InviQuant GeneCount 40 5 µl DNA sample (total PCR reaction volume: 25 µl) ≥ 5 copies 200 reactions 3130100100

Smarter Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation