With more than 20 years of experience, Invitek Molecular develops and commercializes tailor-made nucleic acid purification solutions that enable manual and automated DNA/RNA extraction from virtually any sample material.

State-of-the-art nucleic acid extraction for:


Liquid Biospy
DNA from FFPE samples

Infectious diseases

Simultaneous isolation of viral DNA & RNA, bacterial DNA
Simple one-step-lysis in pre-filled extraction tubes

Microbiome applications

Sample collection & stabilization systems for stool samples
Extraction of microorganism and host DNA

Pharmacogenomics & Genetic testing

Sample collection & stabilization systems for saliva and swabs
DNA extraction from blood and forensic samples

Life science products

RNA extraction from different starting materials
Plant research and food testing
DNA fragment & Plasmid DNA purification


InviGenius® PLUS instrument and InviGenius® kits for fully automated nucleic acid purification

Smarter Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation