Sample Collection

Collection & Preservation of Saliva, Swabs and Stool

A major challenge for genetic testing and microbiome studies is the complexity of samples with a broad spectrum of bacteria and other microorganisms like fungi present in saliva or stool samples. Validated methods for sample transport and storage in combination with sound extraction procedures generate reliable results and avoid bias.
Invitek Molecular offers products for stool, saliva and swab sample collection, stabilization and transport as well as DNA extraction kits for manual and automated use. All products can be customized to your requirements for studies, projects, or OEM purposes according to your special needs.


Advantages of collectors with sample stabilization

  1. Practical and cost saving: Long-term sample storage at RT, eliminate costs for temperature-controlled shipping
  2. Suitable for everyone: Easy, intuitive self-collection, no special training required
  3. Reliable results: Minimize bias introduced by microbial growth after sampling and DNA degradation
  4. High compliance: non-invasive sampling, reduce puncture-associated infection risks
  5. Flexible extraction methods: Integrate seamlessly with the Invitek Molecular isolation kits


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